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AVR Programmers

Pololu USB AVR Programmer

This device is a programmer AVR-based controllers like Pololu 3pi robot. The programmer emulates an AVRISP v2 on a virtual serial port, making it compatible with standard AVR programming software. Two additional features help with building and debugging projects: a TTL-level serial port for general-purpose communication and a SLO-scope for monitoring signals and voltage levels.


AVR In-System Programmer mkII is used for field upgrades of AVR Flash microcontrollers. The AVRISP mkII combined with AVR Studio can program new AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers with ISP Interface.The AVR Studio online-help contains the most current information and a complete list of supported devices.


The AVR Dragon sets a new standard for low cost development tools. AVR Dragon supports all programming modes of the AVR device family. It also includes complete emulation support for devices with up to 32KB Flash Memory.