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Professional USB Logic Analyzer and Protocol Analyzer, 100 Msps, 9 Channels. DV3109 offers more features and a better price than traditional stand-alone units.

DV3109 - DIGIVIEW LOGIC ANALYZER 100 Msps, 9 Channels.
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DV3109 DIGIVIEW LOGIC ANALYZER 100 Msps, 9 Channels. $349
∗ Standard lead time is 1 week

This new addition to DV3 series of Logic Analyzers provides a 100 Msps sample rate for each of 9 channels with the same features and capabilities of our DV3209 but at a reduce price.

This latest addition continues to feature the durability of our DV3 series by having an aluminum case, static protection and Ground current protection (ground lead to ±12 volts). We also include high quality, connectorized channel cables (Strand count > 60) with a micrograbber clip for each channel and ground connection.

Professional Capture & Analysis software, cables and micro clips are included at no additional cost.


  • Sampling Mode: 100
  • Msps Physical Channels: 9
  • Adjustable Threshold ( +0.5V to +2.8V)
  • Voltage tolerance range (+- 20 volts)
  • Tri-Mode, Intelligent Compression
  • Auto-resetting Ground current Protection
  • Extra ESD protection
  • Channels are Reverse-Voltage protected
  • Channels are Over-Voltage protected
  • Raw memory: 9 Mbit
  • USB powered