Sends pulses to a port pin.

SOUND pin, duration, frequency [,NOINT]


pin Any I/O pin such as P1.0 etc.
duration The number of pulses to send. Byte, integer/word or constant.
(1- 32768).
Frequency The time the pin is pulled low and high.
NOINT An option to disable interrupts during the sound statement.
When you connect a speaker or a buzzer to a port pin (see hardware) , you can use the SOUND statement to generate some tones.
The NOINT will clear the global interrupts so no interrupts can occur during the sound statement. When the sound statement has completed the interrupt register is restored.

The port pin is switched high and low for frequency uS. The pin will be in the low state when the sound statement ends.
This loop is executed duration times.

See also


SOUND P1.1 , 10000, 10 'BEEP