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DV3100 Capture Examples

The Following Example Data was captured with a TechTools DV3100 Logic analyzer.

DV3100 Serial Data Asynchronous Example

This example demonstrates using the Asynchronous Signal type to display captured RS-232 communications.

We used DigiView to monitor communications between a PC and an embedded system. The goal was to debug the transmit and receive signals on both the logic side and the PC side of a MAX232 IC. From the capture we could determine the delay of each signal through the IC in 10ns resolution as well as the characters sent and received.

DV3100 captured over 16,000 characters on each of 4 signals transmitting at 57.6 KBaud for a total capture of more than 64,000 characters.

Delay times were measured as follows:
PC to uP delay: 370ns
uP to PC delay: 1.76us

ZOOM Levels: 1 us and 2 ms per division

Zoom Levels