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Easy TCP/IP TWI Adapter Board

This product has been discontinued.

Easy-TCP/IP is now being used in the world of embedded electronics and we aim to improve our products in response to our users' feedback. That's the reason why we now like to introduce Easy-TCP/IP TWI - a TCP/IP interface that only uses a few I/O pins of your microcontroller, while keeping your program code as good as unchanged.

Key advantages of the Easy-TCP/IP TWI is that it only uses two I/O pins for I²C serial communications plus one interrupt pin and a reset pin. So a maximum of 4 I/O pins is used for a full TCP/IP interface. The previously released TCP/IP board used about 16 I/O lines, making it only suitable for relatively large AVR controllers.

The reduction of I/O pins of the Easy-TCP/IP TWI makes it slower than the EASY-TCP, but for a lot of embedded applications, high speed is not a requirement. It's up to you to decide whether you choose for speed, Easy-TCP or a compact and economical Easy-TCP/IP TWI.

Download manual for Easy TCP/IP TWI