Cabel Length

We offer a selection of standard length test leads, patch cords, and cable assemblies. We also offer custom lengths to fit special requirements.

All length measurements are made in inches, see diagrams below for measuring examples:

Standard lengths in inches for
test lead and patch cord assemblies:
Standard lengths in inches for
cable assemblies:
3" (8cm) lead wire 6" (15cm)
4" (10cm) lead wire 12" (30cm)
6" (15cm) 18" (45cm)
8" (20cm) 24" (60cm)
12" (30cm) 30" (75cm)
18" (45cm) 36" (90cm)
24" (60cm) 48" (120cm)
36" (90cm) 60" (150cm)
48" (120cm) *longer lengths available
60" (150cm)