Color Coding

We offer most parts in 10 standard colors. The colors that you may choose from are shown below and can be specified using the abbreviation or resistor color code numbering system.

We also offer sets of 10, including one of each color. To indicate a set, place an S after the part number (i.e. X100W-S). Sets of 10, one specific color only, are also available by indicating S and then following with the appropriate color abbreviation (i.e. X100W-S RED).

Color Name Abbreviation Color Code No*
  Black BLK 0
  Brown BRN 1
  Red RED 2
  Orange ORN 3
  Yellow YEL 4
  Green GRN 5
  Blue BLU 6
  Violet VLT 7
  Gray GRY 8
  White WTE 9

*Please note that the Color Code Number is used in Kilo-coloring while Abbreviated color names are used for solid colored parts.

Standard Part

XM BLK: XM Micro-hook test connector, color black
XM-S: XM Micro-hook test connectors, set of 10 assorted colors


Kilo-coloring allows you to specify any of 1000 color combinations for most of our hooks. Simply add the color code numbers necessary to create the desired color combination for your hook or hook and lead combination. Kilo-coloring gives you the option of 2 to 3 color choices on a single product.

View the Kilo-color Chart