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We offer three types of Mini-Hooks. The X100W is a basic Mini-Hook test connector with superior ergonomic construction. The XR Mini-Hook has the same body as the X100W but a stronger, thicker, more durable hook, and a modified rectangular tip. The XL1 is a basic Mini-Hook connector with extended body length for hard-to-reach connections.


We offer Micro-Hooks in a selection of single hook test connectors and double gripper models. The Pico-Hook and P25 test connectors have a slim body and lightweight construction for use in delicate testing environments. The XM Micro-Hook provides a variety of options for delicate testing environments. The X2015, XKM and XK all use the double hook construction for their contact blades, providing a more positive contact in testing environments.


We provide quality, superior ergonomic heavy-duty test connectors that meet your testing requirements in macro environments. Test connector models, XH and XHL, provide strong, positive contact with large diameter items.

Insulation Piercing Hooks

The Insulation Piercing Hooks provide contact through most insulation barriers on wires so that your testing is kept simple and efficient. These hooks use a needle to establish accurate contact through insulation. Expanding upon our already easy-to-use Macro-Hooks, the XJ, XJL and XEL are heavy-duty test connectors that create positive contact through insulation. We offer the XEP & XEPA, insulation-piercing Micro-hooks that permit connections in smaller testing applications.

Pistol Grip Mini-Hooks

The easy to use Pistol Grip probe provides Mini-hook convenience with provisions for building in circuitry. It is available in short (XP style) and long (XPL style) models.