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Individual Parts

Bipom Electronics's automotive line provides a wide variety of hooks, probes, clips, and adapters to meet your electronic testing needs. These individual parts provide numerous testing options when combined with our durable test leads.


The XEL insulation piercing hook was engineered with ease of use in mind. The screwdriver style tip easily threads through wire bundles to extract the wire to be tested and the insulation guards against shorts. The V-Groove centers various wire gauges for a quick, solid connection. The banana socket located on the handle accepts both standard and shrouded banana plugs for rapid lead changes and instant interface adaptability.
XEL Leads | XEL Kits

610XJL-3 (PVC)/410XJL-3 (Silicone)

The XJL insulation piercing hook is a reliable and industry proven piercing hook selection. This easy to use piercing needle provides a solid connection through the wire insulation and is available in two lengths (see XJ hook for shorter length option).
XJL Leads | XJL Kits

Pin Tip Probe

Durable pin tip probes accept a standard banana plug for versatility.
Part No. 31-color, 31R/B (red & black set)
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Standard Insulated Alligator Clip

Standard alligator clip accepts standard banana plug.
Part No. 8016-color, 8016R/B (red & black set)
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Heavy Duty Alligator Clip

Heavy-duty plastic insulated body accepts standard or shrouded banana plug. Wide jaw opening (up to 1") can easily connect to battery terminals.
Part No. 9468-color, 9468R/B (red & black set)
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Socket Adapter

Socket adapter is ideal for lead extension. Accepts both standard and shrouded banana plugs.
Part No. 9430
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Banana Plug Adapter

Socket accepts both standard and shrouded banana plugs.
Part No. 9384
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Automotive E-Z-Flex Adapters

Flexible test adapters allow connections to the most popular pin sizes for foreign vehicle wire harnesses. Pins and sockets are available in various diameters. Available in black and red only.
Click on part numbers for pictures.
Socket Pin Diameter
9334 9338 .030"(.762mm)
9335 9339 .040" (1.02mm)
9336 9340 .062" (1.60mm)
9337 9341 .094" (2.36mm)
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E-Z-Flex Adapter Kit

e-z-flex kit Kit includes 16 E-Z-Flex flexible test adapters. 1 R/B set of all 8 pins and sockets. Comes packaged in a plastic box for easy storage.
Part No. 9099-0316