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Nail Clips

Nailclip test terminals are ideal for holding wire ends firmly in place. The simple fingertip operation makes connections hassle-free.

Standard Colors:
Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray and white, unless specified otherwise.

View the Product Data Sheet in PDF format for more information.

Image Model Summary
81-1 Standard nail clip test terminal with standard hook.
83-8 Multiple wire nail clip test terminal with larger hook shape for firmly holding multiple or large gauge wires.
84-1 High temperature nail clip test terminal with all metal construction for use in high temperature applications. Color options are not available.
86-1 Heavy duty nail clip. Can be driven into board directly as a nail or mounted on a threaded post. For 86-1 with 6" black PVC tie down for firmly holding wire bundles please specify part number 86-4.
82-2 Insulation piercing wire clamp. Wire does not need to be stripped for continuity testing.
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