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In-System Programmer

for Single Board Computers

Many modern Flash micro-controllers can be serially programmed while in the target application circuit. Customers can manufacture boards with un-programmed devices, and then program the micro-controllers just before shipping the product, allowing the most recent firmware or custom firmware to be programmed. This function of FLASH micro-controllers allows customers to create new program code, including a debugging also, in very easy manner. Downloading of new code to the micro-controller typically takes few seconds. The micro-controllers from different manufacturers use various ways and methods of in-system programming.

In-system programmer (ISP)  supports programming many popular micro-controllers though the RS232 interface. Micro-IDE Integrated Development Environment from BiPOM Electronics fully supports in-system programming and debugging on the MINI-MAX/51-C, MINI-MAX/908-C boards using the serial port. Windows-based program WinLoad is also provided to download programs to the boards, which contain in-system programmer.

To add in-system programming and in-system debugging capability to your boards, simply add the 8051-ISP chip ( for 8051 compatible boards ) or 68HC908-ISP chip and only few extra components.

No need to learn about micro-controller programming modes, no need to design special circuitry or write downloading software. We take care of all this with our ISP's.

8051-ISPsupports the most popular flash-based micro-controllers from largest manufacturers: ATMEL, DALLAS and PHILIPS. All useful functions such as WRITE, READ and ERASE are available. Target micro-controller can be put in RUN or PROGRAM modes. Debugger support is also available for ATMEL processors.


Supported 8051 Variants:

  • ATMEL: AT89S8252, AT89S53
  • DALLAS: DS5000-8, DS5000-32, DS5000-32T
  • PHILIPS: P89C51RB2, P89C51RC2, P89C51RD2

Additional functions:

Reading of serial EEPROM AT24C65 through I2C BUS, 4-bit PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) output that can be used for driving external equipment, such as LCD brightness control and programmable Watchdog Timer. Host timeout range is programmable from 1 to 128 sec.

68HC908-ISP supports the MC68HC908GP32 32K Flash micro-controller from Freescale (Motorola). All useful functions such as WRITE, READ and ERASE are available. Target micro-controller can be put in RUN or PROGRAM modes. A special request puts the micro-controller in ROM MONITOR mode.


Technical Manual