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68HC08 Simulator

Powerful, yet easy to use and affordable 68HC08 simulator for Micro-IDE which is a Windows based Integrated Development Environment for micro-controllers.

68HC08 Simulator - 68HC08 Simulator for Micro-IDE
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68HC08 Simulator 68HC08 Simulator for Micro-IDE $79

68HC08 Simulator simplifies code development with Micro C and Micro-IDE. Errors in user programs can be found and fixed quickly in simulation mode by avoiding time consuming downloads to the target board. Support for hardware ports in simulation. Use real I/O ports from your target boards while simulating the program on your PC.


  • Integrated Development Environment to edit, build, download, simulate and debug within the same program.
  • Simulation of 68HC08 programs in C, Assembly or mixed level.
  • Simulated program can be simultaneously viewed in C and Assembly.
  • Variable window to watch C variable names, values and addresses.
  • Register window to watch the simulated special function registers including 68HC08 ports.
  • Memory window to watch and modify 64K of simulated memory.
  • Callstack window to view list of function calls that lead to current program line ( traces all jumps and calls )
  • Terminal window to simulate 68HC08's serial port ( both receive and transmit are simulated )
  • Output Window Debug Tab to watch debug messages
  • Fully customizable window layout with dockable or floating debug windows.
  • Stop Debugging button to stop simulation at any point
  • Go button to start execution
  • Step Into and Step Over buttons to single-step through the source code at C or Assembly level
  • Unlimited number of breakpoints to stop execution at any C or Assembly source line.
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible
  • Multi-file Editor to create and modify C or Assembly source code while simulating
  • Supports Micro C for 68HC08.