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GadgetPC Aircard Kit

GadgetPC Aircard Kit includes SonyEricsson MD300 USB Modem instead of DUB-E100 ethernet device in GadgetPC Development Kit.

GadgetPC Aircard Kit - GadgetPC Development Kit Aircard version
BiPOM Electronics is a proud ATMEL Consultant for ARM ( SAM7, SAM9 and AT91RM9200 ) Family of microcontrollers.



 Sierra Compass 888 USB Modem
 Pre-installed Linux
 GadgetPC Linux Release (Windows Installation)
 GadgetPC Support Package for SAM-BA 2.8
 GadgetPC Linux Image

GadgetPC Aircard Kit includes GadgetPC Board, BRD-RS232-TTL-1 RS232 to TTL Converter, ADP-5V1A-MiniUSB 5V Adapter with MiniUSB plug,MD300 USB Modem, FD-USB-1GB USB Flash Drive and free Linux resources

A USB Flash drive with preinstalled Debian is also available as an option.