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Roboteq's VSX1850 is a high-current controller for Separate Excitation DC motors. The controller is composed of a unidirectional half-bridge capable of up to 500A for the motor' armature, and a 25A bidirectional power bridge for the motor's excitation (field).

The controller accepts commands received from a RC radio, Analog Joystick, wireless modem, or microcomputer to coordinate the armature and field bridge power so that the motor will move in a precisely controlled manner in the forward or reversed direction. The motor may be operated in open or closed loop speed mode. Using low-cost position sensors, it may also be set to operate as a heavy-duty position servos.

The controller's operation can be extensively automated and customized using Basic Language scripts. The controller can be configured, monitored and tuned in realtime using a Roboteq's free PC utility. The controller can also be reprogrammed in the field with the latest features by downloading new operating software from Roboteq.

VSX1850 - 500A Separate Excitation DC Motor controller
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VSX1850 500A Separate Excitation DC Motor controller $445
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  • Operating Voltage: 10V to 50V DC
  • Number of Channels: 1 Field + 1 Excitation
  • Max Current: 1min - 500A field / 25A excitation, 3 min - 400A field / 25A excitation, 1h - 250A field / 25A excitation
  • Surge Current > 100A
  • ON Resistance: >0.4 mOhm
  • Synchronous Rectification: Yes - Allows regenerative braking
  • Current Limiting: By automatic power output reduction above user preset level, per channel
  • Temperature protection: Automated current limit reduction starting at 70°C (175°F) heat sink temperature
  • Voltage protection: Output shut off below 5V and above 50V - user adjustable
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Power Wiring: Copper Bars
  • R/C Inputs: 1.0ms - 1.5ms center - 2ms, Adjustable
  • Serial Interface: RS232. 115200 bauds
  • Analog Interface: 1 inputs (0V - 2.5V center - 5V)
  • Input Corrections: Programmable deadband. 6 Exponent & Logarithmic command curves.
  • Analog Inputs: up to 4 inputs, 10-bit resolution
  • Digital Outputs: 2 outputs, 24V 1A max
  • Digital Inputs: up to 6 general purpose inputs
  • Pulse Inputs: up to 5 Pulse Length, Duty Cycle or Frequency inputs
  • 5V Supply Output: 100mA max for Radio or other devices
  • Open Loop Speed: Forward & Reverse Speed Control. Separate or Mixed
  • Closed Loop Speed: Use analog or pulse speed feedback. PID
  • Position Mode: Use analog or pulse position feedback. PID
  • Max Program Size: ~1500 lines of Basic-language code, 1000 user variables
  • Execution Speed: Higher than 50,000 lines per sec
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C heat sink temperature
  • Enclosure: Aluminum extrusion
  • Cooling: Heatsink
  • Controller size: 5.5" (140mm) wide x 1.6" (40mm) tall x 9" (228mm) long including mounting brackets
  • Cables: 10" (25cm) RC cable to Radio
  • Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)