Cross assemblers, Disassemblers and Monitors

XTOOLS - A set of Cross assemblers, Disassemblers and Monitors
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XTOOLS A set of Cross assemblers, Disassemblers and Monitors $199


  • 6800, 6801/6803, 6805, 6502, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 8048, 8051/52, 80C320, 8080/85, 8086, 8096, Z8, Z80, AVR, H8, ST7,16C5x and C-FLEA.
  • Output files in either INTEL or MOTOROLA hex format.
  • Plenty of features and options.


  • 6800, 6801/6803, 6805, 6502, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086, 8096, AVR and H8. Generates listing or ASM source format output file.
  • Accepts user defined symbol table. Can build initial symbol table from references occurring within the input code.
  • Accepts user defined block types (code, byte data, word data, char data, string data, symbolics allowed etc.) and address ranges.
  • Accepts file of comments to be merged into the disassembly output.


  • 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086, 8096, Z80 and AVR.
  • Well documented ASM source code.
  • Completely stand-alone, runs on the bare hardware.
  • Very compact, occupies less than 8K of ROM.
  • Built in disassembler (except AVR)
  • Edit/Dump Memory, Processor registers and Interrupt vectors.
  • Multiple breakpoints, which are completely transparent to the user program, and remain effective until removed.
  • Software Single-Step works even when tracing ROMed code.
  • Download INTEL or MOTOROLA format hex data.
  • Revector any/all interrupts to the user program.
  • Online help display of commands and syntax.
  • Many more features *** Features may differ in some monitors.

Bonus! AT: Assembly Translator

  • A program to assist in the translation of assembly language code from one CPU to another.
  • Uses pattern matching and lookup tables to translate code written for one CPU into code which can be used on another.
  • Works with any CPU, you define the translation tables, and compile them into a working translator using the supplied ATC (AT Compiler).
  • Include sample translation tables for 8080->8086 and 6809->8086


MACRO Powerful ASM source macro pre-processor.
CREF Cross-references symbol usage in ASM source file.
PSOURCE Protects distributed source code.
RETAB Retabulates output file to specified tab stops.
HEXFMT General HEX file manipulation, including:
Calculate checksums over all or part of code file.
Reformat output record type (INTEL/MOTOROLA/BINARY) & length.
Change base and load address of code image.
Remove strings of $FF (unprogrammed) data bytes.

Utilities for converting to/from other popular assembler formats.