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MB Client

MB Client is a simple client software which we can use to test Modbus Slave devices. It support Modbus RTU protocol as over Serial port as over TCP.

MB Client - Simple Modbus RTU client software
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MB Client Simple Modbus RTU client software $99

Modbus Client supports Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
Modbus Simulator supports only Modbus RTU


  • Unlimited number of registers
  • Support grouping of registers
  • Support different protocols like Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
  • Coloring registers
  • Different display formats (signed/unsigned, 16/32 bits, float/double format)
  • Ability of adding units to every register
  • Ability to polling as single read
  • Modbus Simulator support simulating of unlimited number of devices, 1000 registers of each type

Demo mode limitations:
- Limited to 10 registers per project file.
- Modbus Simulator Limited to 1 device.
- Modbus Simulator Limited to 5 registers of each type.
- Modbus Simulator Limited to 10 request per session.