MicroTRAK - Universal Training Kit for Microcontrollers.

Educational Institutes that offer a curriculum based on popular microcontrollers find MicroTRAK very attractive due to its support for multiple microcontroller boards. For a low per-seat cost compared to expensive, 80's style training kits that are dedicated to one microprocessor, MicroTRAK provides valuable hands-on experience to students on multiple microcontroller families.

Today's fast-paced and competitive industry and research environment demands complex and cost-effective embedded solutions to real-life problems that require good programming skills and familiarity with multiple microcontroller families.

MicroTRAK supports all BiPOM Electronics peripheral boards and includes practical examples for C, Basic and Assembly Language Programming, Keypad and LCD interfacing, I2C bus, Serial port programming, Motor control, Analog to Digital Conversion and many other fun and instructive projects.

MicroTrak serves not only as a training kit but also as a rapid project development tool. Pick a microcontroller board for the microcontroller family that you are familiar with, download software development tools from our website, plug the peripheral boards and/or display/keypad for your project to the MicroTRAK carrier board and you are much closer to a tangible proof-of-concept for your project.

Retain your initial investment in your training kit when moving to a different microcontroller family. Simply change the microcontroller board and the optional I/O Module. All cables, carrier board, power supply, peripheral boards, keypad, LCD display, etc. remain the same.

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