Student Projects

Examples of student projects that have been implemented using BiPOM products. Please click on the links below to see the details of the projects:

  Automatic Baby Formula Maker
  CODeSMART Ventilation System
  Exercise Reward 7000
  The Solar Panel Protector
  Easy Pot Auto Plant Care System
  The Shower Zone 350
  Aquatic Ecosystem
  Automated Clay Conditioning
  Parking Management
  Automated Flood Prevention System
  Smart Jack
  Electromagnetic Braking System
  Local Area Wireless Network
  The Endless Coffee Pot
  Smokeless Microcontrolled Ashtray
  Automatic Rain Sensing Windows
  The Smart Trashcan
  Microcontrolled Automated Refill System
  Robotic Bulldozer
  Smart Home Safety System
  The Tennis Ball Gatherer
  RC Car Laser Tag
  Automated Beverage Station
  Automated Dog House Heater
  Cool Shades - Automated Window Shade System
  e-Feeder - Pet food and Water Dispenser
  Smart Auto-Cruise Control System
  Solar Light Activated Blinds
  The Plant Protector
  Automated Car Sunshade System
  Fingerprint door opener
  Floyd Imaging - Electronic Picture Frame
  Microcontrolled Irrigation System
  Occupancy Safety Monitoring System
  Pet Misting System
  Auto Cool PC
  Automatic conduit Bending
  Car Garage Cooling System
  Emergency Evacuation Smart System
  Garage Door Closer
  HiTAPS - High Temperature Automotive Protection System
  Motion Sensor Security System
  Robotic fertilizer spreader
  Solar Voltaic Function Generator
  Tele Safe Home security system
  Voice Activated Door Control System
  Internet Integrated Coffee Machine
  Voice Operated Computer
  Anti-vibration Transport Incubator
  Integrated Pool Table
  Blind Audio Guidance System
  Product Locator Inventory Kiosk
  Friendly Fire
  Cylinder Oven
  SCS-2250 Shower Cleaner
  Smart Object Recycling Tote
  Intellipark System
  Secure Remote Mail and Notification System
  Remote Weather Station using MINI-MAX/51-C
  AME470 Project3 (Team Mejor) using MINI-MAX/P18
  AME470 Project2 (Team Uno) using MINI-MAX/P18
  AME470 Project2 (Team Unum) using LCD242
  Team Alpha Preliminary Design Review using MINI-MAX/P18

BiPOM Electronics does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in these student projects. Use any information in these projects at your own risk.

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