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BiPOM - The People

Microcontroller Experts

All the key people at BiPOM are experts in their field relating to microcontrollers, whether it is hardware, firmware, software, applications, or all areas. Each has received advanced electronics education, some with masters and Ph.D's. with an overall 20+ years average experience. As a group they have over 12 patents approved, pending and a few just applied for, in various electronics applications.

The key people include:

CEO "Oz The - Wizard"

Oguz Murtezaoglu : "Oz - The Wizard" BS in Electronics: Bosphorus University; MSEE: Rice University ; co-founder of Business in 1984.

Board of Directors, Director of Business Development

Alan Gow : BS in Mechanical, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering; MS in Business: Wichita State University. Professional Engineer. Retired President/CEO of Interface Design, Inc.; Cofounder and Director of three international electronics companies; former COO and VP/CFO of two Fortune 500 and two Europe 1000 companies.

Global Sales and Operations Manager

Murat Kaleli : BS in Mechanical Engineering: Celal Bayar University; MBA: University of Houston.

Chief Technology Officer

Vitaliy Avramenko : BS in Automation and Complex Mechanization: Odessa Technology Institute; more than 20 years of experience with microcontrollers.

Hardware Engineer

Roman Gich : Computer-aided designs group of Kharkov Aviation Institute.

Hardware Engineer

Alex Schevakov : BS in Computer Science: Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Academy.

Hardware engineer

Evgen Yandukov : Electrical Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations and Technological Systems. Krivoy Rog Technical University.

Software Engineer

Igor Slepchenkov : BS in Computer Science: Kherson Technical University C/C++ Expert, also fluent in C#, ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, HTML/XML, JavaScript.

Software Engineer

Victor Wang : C++ Expert, also fluent in C, C#, JavaScript, SQL, ASP, PHP, HTML.

QC Manager

Christina Awusinu
Business Studies, Lagos State Polytechnic

Logistics Manager

Jose Hernandez
Bachelor’s in Computer Science. University of Houston

Senior Consulting Engineer

Chester Kronke

IoT Consultant

Franco Arboleda

Firmware Engineer

Eren Basturk

Firmware Engineer

Andrew Biletchenko