WebCatPlus Publisher

WebCatPlus Publisher is a free BiPOM utility program that simplifies creating and downloading web pages to WebCat/WebCatPlus Web Server.

WebCatPlus Publisher - A utility program that simplifies creating/downloading web pages to WebCat/WebCatPlus web servers

WebCatPlus Publisher allows creating projects for WebCat/WebCatPlus Web Server and manage all steps of development process from creating of first file to publishing project files to WebCatPlus Web Server board.
WebCatPlus Publisher also has a free built-in HTML editor that simplifies creating and modifying web pages without the need for an expensive HTML editor.


  • Free Windows application
  • Automatically updated when new web server revision or new Publisher version is available
  • Create new projects, add/delete/change/publish web pages to WebCatPlus
  • Configure project settings with friendly user interface
  • Upgrade firmware on WebCatPlus
  • Formatting target drive on WebCatPlus
  • Buil-in free HTML Editor
  • Update only selected files on the target drive
  • Many example projects