Tool for Creativity

Those of us lucky to have been around long enough saw the Frieden mechanical calculator that took up a large part of our desk replaced with a $1,500 Texas Instrument electronic calculator; eventually our slide rule was replaced with the HP Scientific model. For years now, I have carried a credit card size version that cost less than $5.00. Just 25 years ago my first PC cost $5,000 and only had 64K RAM and two “floppy” disk drives [no hard drive].

Indeed, the computer chip/microcontroller has become one of the world’s most creative “materials” since the discovery of how to work with metals.

BiPOM's role is to provide easy-to-use, reliable tools for use by our creative customers. The Development/Training Kit and its many peripherals, provides the experienced engineer/scientist, as well as the aspiring student, with the ability to not have any limits on their creativity in developing new applications for microcontrollers. There are numerous examples throughout our web site of the vast creativity of our customers. And if you had any concerns about the next generation of engineers, take a look at the examples of student projects using BiPOM components.

BiPOM, in its relatively recent history, has developed thousands of customers throughout the world, using the microcontroller in many creative applications.

At last count, in addition to North America [USA, Canada, Mexico], BiPOM had customers in 72 other countries.

Indeed, microcontrollers are a universal “material” for creativity.