Advantages of Using BiPOM Electronics

Why BiPOM Electronics?

Oz - The Wizard
  • Innovative Solutions - BiPOM's experts have a world of experience in solving difficult real-world problems using microcontrollers
  • Fast Turnaround - BiPOM's large staff of hardware and software engineers can produce fast and documented results
  • Cost Effective - Use BiPOM in place of high-cost in-house staff
  • Bypass Breadboards - BiPOM's development kits and peripherals are powerful hardware modules to test design concepts and software/firmware while skipping breadboard style prototyping (Please see Fast Prototyping page)
  • Fast / Easy Project Scope Development - Just call or email Oz, the Wizard and discuss what you want to accomplish
  • Schedule Recovery Support - BiPOM Engineers, with their in-depth experience, can support your design team to recover behind schedule projects or solve specific problems.
  • Provide key support to small or reduced in-house engineering staff on an as-needed basis.