BiPOM News:

New Open Job Position: Office Assistant
Dec 28, 2012

BiPOM Electronics, Inc. is looking for an office assistant.Please see Employment section for more information

Micro-IDE v2.50 Released
Feb 20, 2012

We released new version 2.50 of Micro-IDE

It includes following changes:

  • Added new startup dialog to Micro-IDE software.
  • Improved error handling for ARM development system.
  • Improved Loader Options tab. Added Extra Parameters section for new loaders.
  • Fixed few minor bugs in Micro-IDE.
  • Added new examples in ARM and 8051 development systems.
  • Added new loaders: MINI-MAX/ARM ISP Loader and STM32 Loader.
  • Added I2C support in MSP development system.
  • Fixed RTC issue in MSP library.

BiPOM exhibited at Design 2 Parts Trade Show in Houston
Nov 19, 2011

MOTOR-1B Peripheral Board Released
Mar 24, 2011

BiPOM released new peripheral board: MOTOR-1B.
MOTOR1-B is a universal stepper motor controller board. It can be used together with BiPOM MINI-MAX series microcontroller boards and other microcontroller systems.

MOTOR-1B board supports unipolar and bipolar stepper motors up to 750 mA of coil current at up to 30 Volts. Multiple MOTOR-1B Peripheral Boards can be stacked for controlling up to 3 stepper motors at the same time. Micro stepping is also supported.

First BiPOM Newsletter published to web!
Dec 27, 2010

BiPOM published its first newsletter!
This issue describes new BiPOM products, projects and recently BiPOM events.
You can find new and archived newsletters on BiPOM Newsletters page.

BASCOM51 Quick Start Guide was updated
Dec 24, 2010

We updated BASCOM51 Quick Start Guide document with detailed instructions how to:

Web Site Updated
Dec 22, 2010

Recently we updated several sections on web site:

BiPOM at Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) 2010 (Updated)
Dec 20, 2010

We updated page dedicated to CAST2010 with images and videos.

Added WebCatPlus Web Server Quick Start Guide Document
Dec 15, 2010

We added Quick Start Guide for WebCatPlus Web Server. This document explains such subjects as:
  • Hardware Setup
  • Software Installation
  • Upgrading Firmware
  • Publishing an Example Project
  • Opening Example Project
  • Formatting Target Drive
  • Selecting Files for Publishing
  • Configuring Publishing Method
  • Configuring Example Project
  • Publishing a Project
  • Browsing a Project
  • Creating a New Project
  • Working with Project Files
  • List all examples in WebCatPlus Publisher release
This document will be useful for anybody who want to use BiPOM's WebCatPlus Web Server in their projects.

Updated Flowcode Support Package and WinAVR Examples
Nov 29, 2010

New example RELAY 4 for MINI-MAX/AVR-AU board was added to Flowcode Support Package

BiPOM at Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) 2010
Nov 26, 2010

BiPOM participated as an exhibitor this year at Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) 2010 which took place at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Science teachers from all over Texas stopped by BiPOM booth and watched our robotics demonstration that shows our robots following various line paths made of electrical tape on exhibit tables. Teachers also had a chance to program the robot themselves using our Flowcode graphical programming language.

AVR Workshop
Nov 25, 2010

BiPOM will host an AVr Microcontroller Workshop at EPO Fondren on Saturday, November 27th, 2010. This will be a hands-on workshop with demonstration of MINI-MAX/AVr boards, Flowcode, Pololu Robot, Microcontroller light control and many tools for AVR development.

PIC® Workshop
Oct 16, 2010

BiPOM will host a PIC® Workshop at EPO Fondren on Saturday, October 16th, 2010. This will be a hands-on workshop with demonstration of Flowcode and many tools for PIC(R) development.

Warranty changed to 1 year
Aug 21, 2010

Effective July 1, 2010 the BiPOM warranty is now an industry leading full one (1) year; which greatly exceeds the previous industry best of only 90 days.

For more than 20 years, BiPOM has traditionally used the same components, materials, manufacturing methods, and 100% testing/quality assurance practices for its propriety microcontroller and peripheral boards, as it uses for its special order, OEM and industrial customers.

Based in the Houston area, BiPOM's NASA/aerospace, Energy industry, and Military/government customers demand and receive the highest quality and reliable electronics, and that same level of excellence has always applied to all BiPOM products.

The decision to both expand the warranty and make it retroactive was the result of an in-depth review of historical warranty experience and a survey of the many industrial customers using BiPOM products in harsh conditions.

Previously, BiPOM had matched the industry's best warranty terms, which typically ranged from 30 days to 90 days. However the "real world" experience of BiPOM electronic products always exceeded this time period. The new, longer, one (1) year warranty period is recognition of BiPOM's Customers actual historical experience.

New Free Software to control Pololu 3pi Robot
Jul 15, 2010

We published new simple Windows software to control moving of Pololu 3pi Robot.You can download it from page dedicated to Pololu 3pi Robot.

New release of Development Systems
Apr 10, 2010

We updated all development systems.Many examples were added/updated, fixed few minor bugs in Micro-IDE

Jan 21, 2010

Application framework to simplify microcontroller applications development further and allow non-programmers to create applications quickly available now

Jan 21, 2010

micro-controller system which is based on the ATMEL ATMEGA2560-16 single-chip Flash micro-controller available now

OLED Development Kit
Jan 21, 2010

Easy project development using Organic LED ( OLED ) displays available now

Jan 21, 2010

powerful, low-cost, 32-bit ARM9 (AT91SAM9260) based microcontroller system with 5 USB ports capable of running Linux available now