Education Products and Support

BiPOM provides schools and tech clubs with a wide range of Microcontroller and related products and support for individual group and class projects, teaching systems and instructor support for high school to graduate school levels.

The BiPOM Development/Training Kit system provides a comprehensive and cost-effective Teaching Platform for Microcontroller technology.

The basic kits ( MicroTRAK and 68HC12 Training Kit ) provide the major functions and allow creative selection of "Plug and Play" peripherals and accessories from BiPOM's extensive catalog.

This teaching platform has widespread use in the industry for concept and embedded prototype development, so the students will be well qualified when they are on the job.

Examples of Student Projects can be viewed, many in detail. They show the wide range of applications that are possible and how the BiPOM system opens the doors to creativity.


For more advanced and graduate programs, our WebCatPlus web server platform provides for creating a wide variety of complex and sophisticated projects.

Of special value to the faculty and students is BiPOM's extensive hardware and software documentation and fast technical support, tailored to fit each instructor's requirements and restrictions.