Client API is a set of functions that simplifies microcontroller project development. Client API is a set of library routines that run on a host PC connected to the server portion of the package ( Server51 ) that runs on our micro-controller boards. Client API and Server51 communicate through RS232.

ClientAPI - ClientAPI Commercial License

Access all the resources and peripherals on our microcontroller boards using Visual BASIC, Visual C++ or other development tools that you are familiar with. Sample VC++ and VB programs and a standalone executable called Client51 is also provided. Easily build your own data acquisition, instrumentation or control system in a language of your choice. Possibilities are endless.

Overview of ClientAPI Architecture

ClientAPI includes:

  • ClientAPI library
  • Help files for ClientAPI, ClientAPI ActiveX control, Data Logger Kit and Server51
  • Visual C++ 6.0 example using ClientAPI
  • VB binaries and examples
  • Server51 BiPOM MicroIDE project

Server51 is a general purpose server program that is running on 8051 system. Server51 considerably simplifies development of measurement, monitoring, control and data processing applications with 8051 systems, such as MINI-MAX/51-C2 or MINI-MAX/51-E board.

Even if you are unfamiliar with 8051 architecture and peripheral devices ( such as Analog/Digital Converters, EEPROM's, Timers ), you can quickly build a working system with Server51 and our wide selection of peripheral boards.

Server51 presents a hardware-independent layer to the application running on the host PC. Through the ClientAPI library ( clientapi.dll ), you can add 8051 and peripheral hardware access to your application programs written in Visual Basic, Visual C++ or other packages.

Shown below are screenshots from the sample Windows application (Client51.exe) will accesses the hardware resources of the 8051 and peripherals. Additionally, Client51.exe allows using MMC-RTC-1 board as electronic disk drive with capacities up to 128MB.

ClientAPI VC++ Application

ClientAPI Visual Basic Application