MicroTRAK - Universal Development/Training Kit for uControllers

The ultimate training kit and project development platform with microcontrollers.
Whether developing a new project with or learning about microcontrollers, you will
find MicroTRAK a highly versatile carrier board with support for microcontroller systems
with 8051, AVR, ARM, 6811, 6808, PIC®, Basic Stamp, Basic Tiger and others.


  • Support for a wide range of microcontroller and peripheral boards
  • Sockets for dual peripheral boards
  • Keypad interface
  • Industry-standard display interface for alphanumeric LCD and VFD displays
  • Connectors and cables (included) for connection to a standard breadboard
  • Expansion port for a microcontroller-specific pluggable module ( for example, 8051 I/O Module ) with port connectors, port indicator LEDs and port control DIP Switches
  • Backed by warranty and worldwide technical support from BiPOM Electronics