Reporting a Bug

Please inform us if you believe that there is a bug or any unexpected errors in any of our software.

Before you report a bug, please download the latest version of the software from our website. There is a good chance that the bug may have been already fixed and that you may still be using an older version.

Sometimes a problem may be result of a programming error, and not a bug. Please check to see if you are falling victim to one of many programming pitfalls.

In the embedded world, there is a good chance that the hardware may be at fault as much as the software, if not more. Many times, especially when developing a new board, the hardware itself may have "bugs" . We recommend that you develop your program and create your first prototype on a "tried", off-the-shelf board such as our MINI-MAX or PRO-MAX series. Once you have a stable firmware on a stable board, you are in a better position to develop your own board. Debugging hardware and software at the same time can be difficult, even for experienced developers.

Make sure that the development tools are configured correctly. For example, if you are using a memory model that assumes external memory and your hardware has only internal memory, your program will not work.

If you still have a problem and/or you believe there is a bug with the software, please contact our technical support and we will work on the problem with high priority. Please send us:

  • A detailed description of the problem
  • Steps to duplicate the problem ( if it is repeatable )
  • A screenshot of any error messages - You can generate this by pressing CTRL+PrtSc ( which captures the current screen into Windows clipboard ) and pasting into Paint or Microsoft Word.
  • If there are no confidentiality issues, please send us your project folder as well. You can compress the folder with WinZip or Windows XP built-in zip program.

If you believe that the problem that you are encountering is not a bug, but a user programming error or hardware problem and you are stuck, please consider employing our consulting services. Our engineers have years of experience with embedded systems and will strive to provide a solution to your problem in the most efficient manner, at the lowest possible cost.

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