VFD Filters

A VFD display will wash out in direct sunlight. A filter provides better contrast and protection for the VFD. There are two main filter types: Circular and Regular polarized. Circular polarized types come in gray and are hard-coated providing the ultimate outdoor filter. The regular filters are a less expensive solution for an indoor VFD, but still can be used outdoors. However, they do not provide the same protection as the gray ones. All filters are available in the 2x20 and the 4x20 sizes.

Circular Polarized and hard-coated Gray

Product Size Price
GRY202A 2x20 $35
GRY204 4x20 $37

Standard Green Filter

Product Size Price
GRN204 4x20 $27

Standard Blue Filter

Product Size Price
BLU202A 2x20 $22
BLU204 4x20 $30

Standard Red Filter ( which causes pixels to become white on near black )

Product Size Price
RED202A 2x20 $22
RED204 4x20 $27