Micro C 8051 Development System Quick Start Guide

Please download and install the latest release of the Micro C 8051 Development System.

Development software components include Micro-IDE, Micro C Compiler, simulator and debugger. Simulator and debugger are sold as separate add-ons and have separate serial numbers.

To install the DEMO version  please use  "1" as serial number. If you have already purchased a license, enter your serial number that came with the CD envelope.

To run  your first  C program please follow these instructions:

1- Start Micro-IDE from Start->Programs->Micro-IDE.
2- Open the project C:\bipom\devtools\MicroC\Examples\8051\tiny\hello\hello.prj using Project->Open Project menu option. When the project opens, you will see the source of the 'hello' program.
3- Press "Build All" icon button. This will generate hello.hex under C:\bipom\devtools\MicroC\Examples\8051\tiny\hello folder.
4- Press "Download" icon button on the toolbar. It should download hello.hex to the board. You should see the progress indicator.
What if the download fails ?
5- Select View->Terminal to open the terminal window.
6- Press "Connect" icon button. It will connect the board to the terminal window. You can also use Tools->Terminal->Connect menu option.
7. Change "SetMode" icon button to GREEN. You should see the "hello" message in the Terminal window.

For more help, please read Help for Micro-IDE (8051 Dev System) under Help menu of Micro-IDE.