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Using BSCB with CUBLOC

CUBLOC CB220 is a BASIC module based on ATMEL ATMEGA series of AVR microcontrollers. Our BSCB boards is fully pin-compatible with CUBLOC. BSCB board simplifies project development with CUBLOC thanks to a wide variety of off-the-shelf peripheral boards. Accelerate your proof-of-concept without the need for custom boards or wire wrapping.

BSCB adds useful features to CUBLOC:

  • Carrier board, no need to build your own
  • LCD connectors with contrast adjustment
  • Second microcontroller with analog inputs
  • Precision voltage reference
  • Matrix Keypad connector
  • Peripheral board connector
  • RS232 Serial port
  • Power supply with regulator
  • Serial 2-wire EEPROM (expandable to 128K)