Example Custom Peripheral Boards

Device Tester

Device Tester

A device tester peripheral board that we developed for a large component distributor. This tester board plugs on top MINI-MAX/51-C2 and performs various tests and programming operations on the target IC device that is installed on the test socket. Test results are indicated my 3 LEDs:

  • RED for FAIL
  • GREEN for PASS

MINI-MAX/51-C2 controls 3 DAC's to vary the voltages of the target device.



PROTO-1 allows quickly building your custom circuits to plug on top of the MINI-MAX boards and other peripherals. PROTO-1 already has the expansion connector soldered.

Several prototyping boards can be stacked for custom circuit development. Using PROTO-1, analog inputs/outputs, temperature sensors, relays, displays and many other circuits can be added to the base microcontroller board for rapid project development.

Building Your Own


If you would like to design your own peripheral board for the MINI-MAX system, we provide the necessary dimensions for your convenience:

BiPOM Peripheral Board Dimensions

Information on the stacking 20-pin peripheral connector:

Part Number: ESQ-110-34-T-D
Manufacturer: SAMTEC