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MK2021-BL Display Module


Mount a 20 character x 2 line display (Product # LK/ VK202-25 or LK/ VK/202-25-USB or MOS/ MOI/ MOU-AL/ VK202A) just about anywhere with this kit.

Place the self-adhesive overlay on the surface where you'd like to mount the display; use it as a guide for cutting out a window for the display and drilling holes for the mounting screws.

Includes: Self-adhesive overlay, adhesive cut and drill guide, (2) 56 x 3/4' flat head machine screws, (2) 56 machine screw nuts, 3/8' nylon spacers, (2) 56 nylon washers.

Black Aluminum Overlay

LCD Selection Guide
Keypad Selection Guide

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MK2021-BL Base Product $11