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VK204-25-422 Display Module


Now available in RS422! The unbelievably bright 4x20 display with a near 160 degree viewing angle will allow you to display characters or bar graphs depending on your application. Perfect for extreme temperatures! The VK204-25 may be used with one of our selection of filters to change the color of the display.

Matrix Orbital Vacuum Fluorescent Displays are bright, have a wide viewing angle, and work extremely well in locations where temperatures vary. VFDs are more responsive than LCD's in cooler climates and will maintain their quick response times in hot or cold temperatures while continuing to be bright and readable.

  • 4x20 Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Matrix Orbital intelligent interface for ease of use RS422
  • Ideal in outdoor environments with extreme temperatures
  • Adaptable for sunlight readability or additional contrast with optional filters
  • 170 degree viewing angle
  • 25-key keypad capable
  • 1 year warranty, full support

We HIGHLY Recommends that you use a VPT module for any RS422 units.
Due to the industrial nature of RS422, VPT modules add a layer of protection, increased efficiency and create a more reliable system.

Technical Manual
VFD Filters
Keypad Selection Guide




Module Size98.00 mm(L)×60.00 mm(W)×24.40 mm(T)
Character Size4.70 mm (L)×2.40 mm(W)
Active Area70.80 mm(L)×20.90 mm(W)
Text ColorBlue/Green
Format20 x 4


RS2321200 to 115200


Standard Temperature-20°C to 70°C
Extended Temp.(-E)-40°C to 85°C
Max Humidity90%
Supply Current354

Part No. Description Price
VK204-25-422 Base Product $132
VK204-25-422-E Extended Temperature option. $143
VK204-25-422-VPT Wide Voltage efficient power regulator +9 to +35Vdc. This option has a one week lead time. $153
VK204-25-422-VPT-E Wide Voltage efficient power regulator +9 to +35Vdc. Extended Temperature -20 to +70 C. $163