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GLK24064R-25-1U-422-TCI Display Module


The GLK24064R-25-1U is an intelligent graphic LCD engineered to quickly and easily add an elegant creativity to any application.

The simple command structure permits easy software control of many settings including backlight brightness, screen contrast, and baud rate. On board memory provides a whopping 256KB of customizable fonts and bitmaps to enhance the graphical user experience.

The GLK24064R-25-1U-422 provides an industrial alternative to the standard RS232 communication protocol. Rather than single receive and transmit lines, the RS422 model uses a differential pair for each of the receive and transmit signals to reduce degradation and increase transmission lengths. Power can be transmitted at distance to a -VPT module. RS422 signals are available in a six pin connector as described in the RS422 Connections section. This display offers communication speeds of up to 115.2kbps for serial protocols.

 Matrix Orbital HIGHLY Recommends that you use a -VPT module for any RS422 units.
Due to the industrial nature of RS422, -VPT modules add a layer of protection, increased efficiency and create a more reliable system.

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Part No. Description Price
GLK24064R-25-1U-422-TCI Base Product $134
GLK24064R-25-1U-422-TCI-E Extended Temperature option. $145
GLK24064R-25-1U-422-TCI-VPT Wide Voltage efficient power regulator +9 to +35Vdc. This option has a one week lead time. $155
GLK24064R-25-1U-422-TCI-VPT-E Wide Voltage efficient power regulator +9 to +35Vdc. Extended Temperature -20 to +70 C. $165