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EGLK19264A-7T-WB-PL Display Module


This lightweight, durable, plastic enclosure features a 192x64, graphic serial LCD with a 7 key tactile keypad and 3 tri-color LED's. A threaded mounting hole on the back of the case allows it to be easily mounted for better access and to maximize the viewing angle. It can go just about anywhere!

Control of this LCD display has been simplified to a set of commands delivered by RS232. Meant to save time and money, we have worked to ensure that the tedious timing and special conditions typical of display controllers have been eliminated from our interface to help get your project to market faster.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This enclosure does not come with a communication/power cable. This is to be supplied by the customer. Please review the technical manual for the serial display for the communication/power connector pinout.

LCD Selection Guide
Keypad Selection Guide

Part No. Description Price
EGLK19264A-7T-WB-PL GLK19264A-7T-1U-WB with Plastic external enclosure and screw mounting $110
EGLK19264A-7T-WB-MT GLK19264A-7T-1U-WB with Metal external enclosure and mounting brackets $120
EGLK19264A-7T-WB-VPT-PL EGLK19264A-7T-WB-PL with Wide Voltage efficient power regulator +9 to +35Vdc. $130
EGLK19264A-7T-WB-VPT-MT EGLK19264A-7T-WB-MT with Wide Voltage efficient power regulator +9 to +35Vdc. $140