Interfacing Graphics LCDs to MINI-MAX and PRO-MAX boards

Example Application

Can MINI-MAX or PRO-MAX drive a graphics LCD ? The answer is yes. Few restrictions apply:

1) Graphics LCDs typically have a 8-bit data bus and few control signals. So quite a few microcontroller port pins will be dedicated to the graphics LCD and may not be used for other purposes.

2) If you need high speed graphics, you may need to develop the display interface in assembly language. C or BASIC may be just too slow for graphics applications.

3) Graphics displays typically require backlighting. An LED backlight may draw 200-300 mA. An electroluminescent backlight requires a high voltage inverter which can be powered from 5 Volts but still draws 400-500mA current. This kind of spare power is available on the PRO-MAX but not on the MINI-MAX.