Micro-IDE Customization

Adding your favorite toolkit, such as compiler, assembler or any other language is simplified using Micro-IDE's built-in Toolkit Configurator.

Screenshot of Running Toolkit Configuration Util

If you would prefer us to add the toolkit for you, please send us a licensed copy of your toolkit ( or the link to download it from ) and the details of your toolkit command line parameters and we can add support for it in Micro-IDE for you:

Case 1: Support for Goal Semiconductor VERSA Microcontroller system. We added support for VERSA in Micro-IDE and modified our 8051 simulator to support VERSA.

Case 2: Support for Precidia. We added debugger and configuration for 8051 compatible Cypher processor with ethernet support from Precidia Technologies.

Case 3: Support for Metalink assembler upon a customer request.