KEIL C51 and µVision Support for BiPOM Boards

All our 8051 boards are fully compatible with KEIL Tools. Here are few steps to use KEIL with our boards:

1. Download our command line downloader ( loader51.exe - Windows command line version ) for MINI-MAX and PRO-MAX boards. Save to a path on your hard drive ( Recommended path is c:\loader51 ).

2. In KEIL µVision IDE, select Configure Flash Tools from Flash menu:

3. Under the Device tab, select AT89C51ED2 as the microcontroller:

4. Under the Target tab, select Crystal frequency (XTAL MHz) as 22.1184. Make sure that

Use On-Chip ROM
Use On-Chip XRAM

options are checked:

5. Under the Output tab, if the Create HEX File is unchecked, make sure that this is checked. This will force the compiler to generate a Intel Hex file that is compatible with our downloader. HEX Format should be HEX-80:

6. Under the Utilities tab, unselect Use Target Driver for Flash Programming and select Use External Tool for Flash Programming.

Command field should be


( change the path as needed depending on where loadmm51.exe is located ).

Arguments should be:

/p=COM1 /f=%H
( /p option shows your RS232 COM port, change this as needed; /f is for file name; KEIL will substitute %H with proper HEX file name )

7. You are now ready to download to the MINI-MAX or PRO-MAX board using the Download option under Flash menu:

This is how the download should look in Keil µVision IDE's output window:

Example Keil project (for use with MINI-MAX/51 or PRO-MAX/51 boards)