Enclosure Design/Prototyping

BiPOM designs enclosures and other mechanical components using Autodesk Inventor. All designs are modeled and analyzed on the computer before 3D printing. Final designs are printed using a Dimension fused deposition modeling 3D printer.

Based on the patented Stratasys FDM® process, Dimension builds functional 3D models from the bottom up, one layer at a time of with tough, durable ABS plastic.

Instead of using a milling machine or lathe to remove material to create a part or prototype, the plastic material is added in fine layers to create the final enclosure. The main advantage of this approach is that virtually any shape, such as spheres, angles, arcs, rectangles, squares or any combination of these shapes can be created. This would be very difficult using conventional methods of machining.

The end product is a part that is clean and ready to use, that can be deployed and demonstrated. The ABS parts can be sanded, milled, drilled, tapped, painted and even electro-plated. Parts can also be printed in white, red, blue, green, gray, yellow and black. Custom colors may be ordered, with additional lead time.

Mechanical Design Services