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The CloudGate Breadboard Card and Development Card allow you to quickly develop and prototype your solution. The Breadboard Card provides an 'in form factor' solution for small prototype runs while the Development card allows quick software prototyping with CloudGate's multiple different interfaces.

CG1108-11980 - Option CloudGate Breadboard Expansion Card
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CG1108-11980 Option CloudGate Breadboard Expansion Card $144 2


  • Ideal for prototyping your own expansion card
  • Fits in the front expansion slot of the CloudGate
  • Supports 3 types of connections:
  • All signals on the back connector can be tapped off on breadboard area near this connector
  • 2.54mm pitch components can be soldered on main breadboard area
  • 3.5mm pitch connectors can be soldered on front two rows to provide a more reliable and longterm connection
  • Adapter boards are available online to integrate fine-pitch components (see