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Roboteq's FIM2360(S) is a features-packed, high-current, dual or single channel controller for AC Induction motors. The controller can operate in one of several modes in order to sense the rotor position and sequence power on the motors' 3 windings in order to generate smooth continuous rotation. The controller also uses the Encoder information to compute speed and measure travelled distance inside a 32-bit counter. The motors may be operated in open or closed loop speed or torque modes. The FIM2360(S) features several Analog, Pulse and Digital I/Os which can be remapped as command or feedback inputs, limit switches, or many other functions. The FIM2360 accepts commands received from an RC radio, Analog Joystick, wireless modem, or microcomputer. For mobile robot applications, the controller's two motor channels can either be operated independently or mixed to move and steer a vehicle. Using CAN bus, up to 127 controllers can be networked at up to 1Mbit/s on a single twisted pair.

Numerous safety features are incorporated into the controller to ensure reliable and safe operation. The controller's operation can be extensively automated and customized using Basic Language scripts. The controller can be configured, monitored and tuned in realtime using a Roboteq's free PC utility.

FIM2360 - AC Induction Motor Controller, Dual Channel, 2 x 60A, 60V, Encoder input, USB, CAN.
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FIM2360 AC Induction Motor Controller, Dual Channel, 2 x 60A, 60V, Encoder input, USB, CAN. $645
FIM2360S AC Induction Motor Controller, Single Channel, 1 x 120A, 60V, Encoder input, USB, CAN. $645
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  • Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Small Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes
  • Terrestrial and Underwater Robotic Vehicles
  • Police and Military Robots
  • Hazardous Material Handling Robots
  • Animatronics


  • Motor Type: AC Induction
  • Max Voltage: 60
  • Number of Channels: 2 / 1
  • Direction: Forward/Reverse
  • Max Amps per Channel: 60 / 120
  • Continuous Amps per Channel: 40
  • ON Resistance (mOhm): 2.5
  • Power Connections: Fast on
  • Field Oriented Control (FOC): Yes
  • Analog: Yes
  • RS232: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • CANbus: Yes
  • RC Pulse: Yes
  • MicroBasic Scripting: Yes
  • Control Loop (ms): 1
  • Regenerative braking: Yes
  • Max Analog Inputs: 8
  • Max Digital Inputs: 10
  • Digital Outputs: 4
  • Max Pulse Inputs: 6
  • Encoder: Yes
  • Cooling: Conduction plate
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 140mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 250g