The USB - RS485 2 Wire IoT Module enables the mangOH™ development board to connect to devices and networks that use the half duplex RS485 serial bus protocol to communicate. Based around a highly integrated FTDI chipset, standard and non-standard baud rates from 183 baud up to 3Mbaud are available. Separate TX and RX LEDs provide a visual indication of transmit and receive data as an aide to debugging data communications.

0107-04-R2.1 - USB - RS485 2 Wire IoT Module for  mangOH
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0107-04-R2.1 USB - RS485 2 Wire IoT Module for mangOH $51
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For ease of use, the driver direction switching is managed in hardware, and the USB device simply maps to a standard /dev/ttyUSBx device in the operating system. A 120R network termination resistor can be enabled or disabled by inserting or removing an on-board Jumper - thus allowing the module to be placed either at the end or in the middle of a RS485 network.