The VoBo GP-1 is a fully autonomous LoRaWAN endpoint, allows data to be captured wirelessly from remote locations with the dependability you demand.

The VoBo GP-1 is industrial grade and converts wired industrial sensors and transmitters into long-range wireless sensors. This permits operational data to be collected inexpensively and transmitted to the cloud for further analysis and reporting.

VoBo-GP-1 - Industrial grade LoRaWAN endpoint, 915MHz for North America
Part No. Description Price Stock
VoBo-GP-1-868 Industrial grade LoRaWAN endpoint, 868 MHz for regions other than North America $485
VoBo-GP-1-915 Industrial grade LoRaWAN endpoint, 915MHz for North America $485
∗ Standard lead time is 1 week


  • Compatibility: Analog - Voltage and 4-20mA, Discrete Dry Contact I/O, Serial Modbus RTU
  • Configure: Easy to install and deploy
  • Connect and Power: Up to three sensors/transmitters per unit
  • Power Supply: 2+ years of service with a single replaceable battery
  • Transmission: Works with any LoRa Alliance certified gateway - up to 10 miles RF Range
  • Rugged - NEMA 4X & IP68 case withstands harsh environments