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Thermocouples convert temperature to voltage. they rely on Seebeck effect which states that a junction of different metals will generate a voltage that is proportional to the temperature of the metals. Thermocouples are low cost temperature sensors, they are readily available from multiple sources and they can measure a wide range of temperatures that can not be measured with semiconductor type temperature sensor. For example, they can be used to measure the temperature of the inside of a ceramics kiln which can reach 1200 Celsius.

The temperature range of a thermocouple depends on the type of metals that make up the thermocouple. There are some industry standard types as shown in the table:

Thermocouple Type Range ( Celsius ) Range (Fahrenheit) Features
E 95-900°C 200-1650°F Highest Output
J 95-760°C 200-1400°F
K 95-1260°C 200-2300°F
T 0-350°C 32-660°F

Thermocouples give out voltages in the range of microvolts so the output of a thermocouple must be amplified before it can be converted into a digital value.

We offer a dedicated thermocouple board THERMOCOUPLE-4 that supports all the popular thermocouple types ( jumper selectable ) and accepts up to 4 thermocouples simultaneously.

Many combinations are possible to measure, log and monitor temperature using thermocouples as temperature sensors:

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