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Tools for simplifying microcontroller development

PLCC Extractor

This unique tool allows removing/replacing IC's from all sizes of PLCC sockets, such as the PLCC-44 socket used on MINI-MAX/51-C2 and MINI-MAX/P18 boards.


Select from our extensive line of hooks which includes insulation piercing options as well as double hook grippers. We offer a variety of options and variations on our standard hook selection to meet your needs.

Test Probes

We provide test probes in various styles to meet industry demands and companies versatile testing requirements. The probe product line includes oscilloscope probes, pin or needle tip probes, long handled styles, and even specialized probes for testing two points simultaneously with one hand.

Test Leads & Patch Cords

We offer a huge selection of standard test leads and patch cords that provide dependable, accurate connections in almost any situation. By combining flexible test lead wire and hypo-action hook connectors, alligator clips and probes with an extensive line of test connectors and adapters the result is a comprehensive array of leads and patch cords that fit your specific requirements.

Connectors & Adapters

Need a specific adapter to make a connection? Can't make that connection because your test lead or test accessory doesn't have the correct termination point? BiPOM Electronics has a large selection of connectors and adapters to meet all your testing needs.

Coaxial Connectors

Specializing in coaxial cable assemblies, BiPOM Electronics demands the highest quality RF coaxial connectors and that is why we offer you that same quality. Choose from our broad selection of RF coaxial connectors, the same ones we use in our high quality cable assemblies, and be assured that you are getting the top quality, cost-effective parts.

Cable Assemblies

Specializing in coaxial cable assemblies that utilize BNC, Double banana, TNC, N series, UHF, SMA and LOC connectors, BiPOM Electronics provides the industry with a variety of standard and custom cable assembly options. BiPOM Electronics cable assemblies are used for multiple purposes across different industries. Whether you require a cable for interconnect microwave transmitters, receivers and antennas, or a lead for test and instrumentation applications, BiPOM Electronics cables offer the solution.

Harness Boards

Need to test your wiring system? Want to create a clean, clutter-free, quick-disconnect assembly? We have the products you require to pretest circuits, components, and experimental hook-ups.

Automotive Test Kits

We offer a wide variety of automotive specific test accessories, test leads, sets, and kits that are designed for automotive testing and work with a wide variety of automotive test equipment. Parts are engineered with no sliding contacts to guarantee an accurate signal every time--even in the dirtiest, greasiest environments.

Test Kits

At BiPOM Electronics we believe the best kit is one that has everything you need in it. That's why we offer custom kits. Create a custom kit solution to meet your requirements or select from one of our standard kits.