Tools for simplifying microcontroller development

Test Leads & Patch Cords

We offer a huge selection of standard test leads and patch cords that provide dependable, accurate connections in almost any situation. By combining flexible test lead wire and hypo-action hook connectors, alligator clips and probes with an extensive line of test connectors and adapters the result is a comprehensive array of leads and patch cords that fit your specific requirements.

Cable Assemblies

Specializing in coaxial cable assemblies that utilize BNC, Double banana, TNC, N series, UHF, SMA and LOC connectors, BiPOM Electronics provides the industry with a variety of standard and custom cable assembly options. BiPOM Electronics cable assemblies are used for multiple purposes across different industries. Whether you require a cable for interconnect microwave transmitters, receivers and antennas, or a lead for test and instrumentation applications, BiPOM Electronics cables offer the solution.

Harness Boards

Need to test your wiring system? Want to create a clean, clutter-free, quick-disconnect assembly? We have the products you require to pretest circuits, components, and experimental hook-ups.