12 Reasons to buy a BiPOM microcontroller board

  1. Unlimited technical support
  2. High-quality boards, Made in the USA
  3. Large variety of off-the-shelf peripheral boards
  4. Many working application notes and examples, including drivers for peripheral boards
  5. Support for high-level programming languages such as C and BASIC
  6. Field-proven over the years in many applications worldwide
  7. Readily available from BiPOM stock and/or our world-wide distribution network
  8. Reasonably priced for cost-sensitive applications
  9. Highly interchangeable board and peripheral architecture, easily expandable
  10. Well-suited for rapid application development and proof-of-concept
  11. Widest range of microcontroller features in the industry ( see Microcontroller Selection Guide )
  12. Best in programming support in the industry ( see Programming Support Guide )