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Download BASCOM51 Basic Compiler for 8051

With the Evaluation Version of BASCOM51 Development System, you can

  • Edit and compile up to 1000 lines of BASIC source.
  • Compiler, debug and simulate up to 2 Kilobytes of 8051 code.

Please enter a serial number of 1 when installing. This will install the Evaluation Version. You can remove the restrictions above by purchasing a full license for BASCOM51.

BASCOM51 includes a 8051 Simulator.

bascom51_devsys.exe ( Version 2.50 ) ( 3.1 MB ) Revision History

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have other development systems that use Micro-IDE, please make sure to update all other development systems to the latest versions from BiPOM web site to avoid unexpected behavior.

This software is available as a free evaluation. There is no expiration date. The only difference from the licensed version is the size of programs that can be created with this software. Once a license has been purchased, the software can not be returned for a refund.