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DB15 Breadboard Adapter

DB15 Breadboard Adapters

DB15 Breadboard Adapter - DB15 Male Breadboard Adapter
Part No. Description Price Stock
PBC15F DB15 Female Breadboard Adapter $8 4
PBC15M DB15 Male Breadboard Adapter $8 5

General Description

These handy adapters make the use of DB15 connections in prototyping projects much easier. They are designed to quickly and easily mount a DB15 connector onto a breadboard circuit, but they are also very useful as a permanent part of a perfboard circuit. Odd pin spacing on DB15 connectors typically makes use of a DB15 connector on perfboard difficult and awkward. These adapters solve that problem by providing a standard 0.1' pin spacing, giving you a much cleaner result. The individual pins on each adapter are numbered according to the appropriate DB15 connector pinout.

Adapters are available with both male and female DB15 connectors. They are also available with other styles of connectors, including the high-density 3-row DB15 connectors. Have one of each in your tool box.

Technically, the correct term for a DB15 connector is DA15, but that term is not commonly used.


  • Quickly bring connections into breadboards
  • Great for perfboard and prototyping
  • Avoid awkward DB15 pin spacing
  • Each pin labeled according to DB15 pin numbering
  • Dimensions: approx 2.1' x 0.9'