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DB9 Tiny Breakout Board

DB9 Tiny Breakout Board

DB9 Tiny Breakout Board - DB9 Tiny Female Breakout Board, R/A Connector
Part No. Description Price Stock
BRKTD9F-R DB9 Tiny Female Breakout Board, R/A Connector $10 2
BRKTD9M-R DB9 Tiny Male Breakout Board, R/A Connector $10 2

General Description

These breakout boards bring all 9 pins of a DB9 connector out to screw terminal blocks for easy connection and prototyping work. These breakout boards are perfect for field wiring tasks and may be mounted to wall box plate or thin panel that has a DB9 cutout. They are available with both male and female connectors. The BRKTD9M has a male connector and the BRKTD9F has a female connector.

These break out boards are perfect for experimentation and prototype work, as well as for use in the educational laboratory. They are well-suited for work with RS-232 serial ports, I/O cards, and any other device that uses a DB-9 connector. A breakout board is sometimes referred to as a 'transition module', 'terminal board', or 'interface module'.

Technically, the correct term for a DB9 connector is DE9, but that term is not commonly used.


  • Available with DB9 Male or Female connector
  • Screw terminal for each of the 9 lines
  • Perfect for field wiring and panel mounting
  • Screw terminals accomodate wire sizes from 16AWG to 26AWG
  • PCB dimensions: 1.1' x 1.3'