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4P4C Breakout Board

BRK4P4C - 4P4C Breakout Board, R/A Connector, Feet
Part No. Description Price Stock
BRK4P4C-R-FT 4P4C Breakout Board, R/A Connector, Feet $11 1
BRK4P4C-R-DIN 4P4C Breakout Board, R/A Connector, DIN Rail Mount $13 1

General Description

This breakout board brings all 4 pins of its 4P4C modular jack out to screw terminal blocks for easy connection and prototyping work. Each pin is also brought to solder pads (5 per line) at 0.1' spacing, allowing easy addition of standard pin headers.

This break out board is perfect for experimentation and prototype work, as well as for use in the educational laboratory. It is well-suited for work with serial ports, data acquisition equipment, telephone equipment, and any other device that uses a 4P4C connector. A breakout board is sometimes referred to as a 'transition module', 'terminal board', or 'interface module'.

The 4P4C designation on the modular jack stands for 4-Position, 4-Conductor, meaning it will accept telephone connectors sometimes referred to as RJ9 or RJ-9 (although it isn't truly an FCC Registered Jack type). On a telephone, the 4P4C connector is used for the handset.

For mounting on a panel, we suggest the rubber feet version (-FT), 1/4' nylon standoffs under the mounting holes, and #6 screws.

DIN Rail Mount Version

The BRK4P4C is also available with DIN rail mounting clips for quick and convenient mounting where DIN rail is used. Product numbers ending with -DIN come with DIN clips already installed and ready to mount. The clips allow mounting on standard 35mm rail as well as 32mm rail.

(BRK4P4C-R-DIN pictured - rail not included)


  • 4P4C Jack (handset jack)
  • Perfect for prototyping circuits
  • Screw terminal for each data line
  • Screw terminals accomodate wire sizes from 16AWG to 26AWG
  • Solder connection holes, five (5) per line
  • Supports addition of .1' pin headers
  • Approximate dimensions: 2.38' x 1.6'
  • Rubber feet or DIN rail mount